The Barn


There it is! Our barn. Our “pile of barn” as Ben calls it. According to Tony, a neighbor who has been very helpful to us and is a font of knowledge about the property, “I finally pulled it down sometime in the late 70s after it had been falling down more than a decade.” We should assume, he says, that it is original to the property, probably built sometime around 1916, just like the house.


photo-5 copy 3


As much as we’d hoped to be able to use some of the wood, the pile appears to be past the point of salvage. We can’t burn it. We can see at least one tractor tire with a tree—a more than twenty year-old tree, see above—growing up through its middle. And we can see an axle and some other interesting, metal, unidentified things. Ben has an idea to hook a GoPro camera to the little yellow dog since she likes to go exploring in the rubble. Maybe she could show us what else is hiding in the pile!



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