Front Porch Update


The neighborhood is improving! Well, that may be up for debate. Less than a day after posting about our front porch toilet, I came home to this scene. Notice anything?

I have to admit, I was so overwhelmed by the wood shavings littering the front yard that I totally missed that this had happened:



Yup! That’s the one-and-only shrink-wrapped front-porch toilet actually installed in the downstairs bath! Oh happy day!! We now have all three fixtures (shower, sink, toilet) in the same room!! That’s what I call progress!!


Now, back the front porch and that mess. Ben is turning the front porch into his official lumber mill where he is using a jointer, a planer, and a table saw to get our floor boards ready to install. Luckily, he is collecting (as much as possible) all the shavings and chips and dust to use in the garden as mulch. Note: The off-white square on the ground in the top photo is a tarp. The tarp is dark green, not off-white. It is completely covered in off-white wood shavings from the planer (yellow square machine on porch). It feels a bit like a snowstorm in the heat of summer.


I wonder which the neighbors like better…the front-porch toilet or the outdoor power tool bonanza. Maybe I’ll have to ask them.

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