The Siding Goes On


After stripping one side of the house of her layers of old stuff, we got to work installing the new house wrap, re-caulking and insulating windows with spray foam,  and hanging the siding and trim. Ben has done this stuff before, but me? Not so much. I learned A LOT, got to experience the thrill of using really loud, formerly scary power tools, and learned to dance the do-si-do on ladders and a plank with Ben. All in all, a great day with lots to show for our efforts!




It looks really good, if I do say so myself, but I’m still glad we started on the side of the house that only our septic tank will enjoy on a daily basis. We definitely got into a good rhythm as a team on this side. And we learned some tricks along the way. Note: I am no better at tape measure math than at any other kind of math. Sigh.

Here’s a little photo timeline of our work throughout the day:







A shout-out to my sister for the rock-solid awesome skirt made from a pair of Ben’s old Carhartt work pants! Ben was determined to get this shot of me really working and showing off my new skills with the Rigid nail gun and the Skilsaw while wearing the skirt. My apologies for the butt shot.


IMG_3732  IMG_3737









Doesn’t that black trim paint looks amazing with the gray siding? I love love love it!! I can’t wait to see it with the darker shake siding on the ends of the house where the walls are two story!



After a long day in working in the hot sun, the bugs came out in force and made it too miserable to be outside. So we set up a candle-lit table-saw dinner in the living room. Bon Appetite! And, time for bed. This siding thing is hard work!

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