Kitchen Upgrade


More than ten years ago, I was given a small Char-broil gas grill as a birthday gift. That little guy has survived broiling southern summers, a move halfway across the country, and harsh Midwest winters. The bottom of the grill has been well on its way to rusted out for a few years, and two summers ago we replaced the grate. Long story short, it has survived far longer than it has any right to—and for the past two months is has acted as our stove, microwave, and oven at the farm.




When I moved to the farm a couple of months ago, we talked about putting the grill on the curb. But decided it should make the move because we didn’t have any other way to cook and we weren’t ready to purchase a new one in the grilling high season. With the back-to-school and fall merchandise moving into stores, we did some grill shopping on Amazon the other day.




And today, we assembled this new Char-Broil 36,000 BTU 3-Burner Gas Grill, 522 Square Inch with Side Burner and enjoyed one last egg-bake breakfast from the old guy. Here’s hoping our new kitchen appliance is as much of a workhorse as the old one!





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