Mailbox Makeover


This past weekend was filled with all kinds of projects. Specifically, painting projects for which I could use my favorite new toy—the Graco paint sprayer.



While I have to admit, the sprayer is a total pain in the you-know-what to clean out after each use (and it seems to take three times as long to clean the bugger as it does to actually apply a coat of paint), the finish is amazing and, in my opinion, well worth the investment of time and effort and water (for the rinse-out).


photo 2

Here’s our old mailbox. Ewwww.

To state the more than obvious, it was a bit past its prime. It even had duct tape on the inside to keep the bottom from falling out. Time for an upgrade!



And, you should know by now that if I’m upgrading, I’m going to make that upgrade sparkle! I found this really basic, nothing-fancy, gray box at the local hardware store for $11. Brought it home, gave it a good scuffing with some steel wool, wiped it clean, and got to work with the sprayer!



You can see that I masked the inside with newspaper and painter’s tape because I wanted to paint the inside of the door, but not the inside of the box.



IMG_4089I’m in love with this Benjamin Moore color called Scandinavian Blue (2068-30). It looks so great in person—a really rich purple without being too dark or too lavender.



I also found a half-full can of black spray paint and attacked the pvc post. And Ben helped.



Next, we attached one of these awesome stickers Ben found on-line. We have officially adopted the rooster silhouette as our Cockamamy Farm logo. And I think the mailbox door is the perfect place for this guy!




A clear coat to seal it all up and protect the mailbox’s new outfit from the weather, and it was ready for installation!





Note that the screen door on the front of the house matches the mailbox. More on that painting project in a later post. Hope you love the mailbox makeover as much as I do!

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