Bringing Junk Zombie Home


Several weeks ago, our friend Melissa told us about an upcoming sale at Junk Zombie headquarters—an historic stone house about 20 miles from our place. The couple who lives there have made a business out of adopting so-called junk and making it over into fun, functional pieces of furniture and accessories.

Ben and I found the place, marked by a pair of car doors/signs at the end of the driveway, and perused a barnyard full of items from tables to barstools to trunks to benches. What a fun afternoon of shopping! Even better, I discovered that I knew the owner, Kristine, from fitness classes! Small world!

After an hour or so of looking and discussing, we decided to make an offer on several pieces: a mirror I fell in love with, an old trunk, and this fun box on oversize casters. Luckily, Kristine likes to bargain as much as we do!


Back at home, we decided that the mirror and box were perfect for our bathroom, at least for the time being. The mirror looks great hanging on the wall above the toilet.


And the box, with its fun interior and removable shelf,  is a fabulous way to organize our bathroom necessities.


The box is deep enough that our extra bottles of body wash, boxes of tissues, etc (blame my Costco habit) easily stand in the bottom of the box.


The divided shelf is more like cubby holes that hold toilet paper, bathroom reading, and other items within easy reach of the seat (TMI? Nah…everybody goes!).


One of my favorite aspects of this piece is the large casters added by Junk Zombie. They make the box the perfect height to be paired with a sofa as a coffee or side table, or it could be a trunk at the end of a bed. And the colors—both inside and out—make me smile!


I suspect that this one will be a furniture piece that has many lives in almost every room of our home over the years. Thanks, Junk Zombie, for the fabulous find!


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