Greenhouse: Still Standing



Our low-slung greenhouse design (a.k.a. Plan B) is still standing and going strong, despite the past few days’ crazy winds! Proof is in the pudding, as they say. Or, in this case, in the germination.

But first, a look at a few of the items from the last garden post:IMG_5251






We’ve got fava beans, cilantro, lettuces, and spinach all coming along nicely in the greenhouse! And outside, we’ve go radishes growing like crazy!



You can see that our little radishes are planted around the perimeter of a fence panel. We used the 4-by-8-foot panel’s squares to space out the beets. Those should start popping soon, too!







Next up, a look at what was more recently planted. Now, I’m a big, big fan of fresh greens from the garden. But nothing—Nuh-Thin—beats a sun-warmed tomato fresh off the vine! Yup. I’m that girl who eats big juicy tomatoes like apples while still standing among the branches! I can’t wait!! Below is the start of that not-so-far-away day dream.


Above are just a few of the varieties we planted. The hand-written “grape” and “Elaine” are seeds saved from our 2014 garden.   IMG_5254  IMG_5255   Look at all those ‘maters!! EEK!! And what is a tomato’s best friend? Basil, of course!



Look closely at the photo above to see the tiny purple buds of Dark Purple Opal Basil.






IMG_5253  Overall, things the greenhouse are looking good and going green!

Finally, meet Orange Kitty. Yesterday, the wonderful neighbor who is hatching chickens for us let us know that some are ready. Although the chicken house is still under construction (long story about the table saw dying and the horrible domino effect that had on many projects, including the chicken house), we went to visit the little peepers.

And, although we weren’t yet read to bring home chicks, we did come home with our first barn cat. I know, I know, we don’t have a barn. But now we have a mouser! And his brother, Gray Kitty, will come to our place, too, as soon as he agrees (read: doesn’t escape our grasp) to go into the cat carrier.

As you can see, Mr. Orange is a little shy, but I have faith he’ll take his job seriously.



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