It’s GROW time!

Spring at Cockamamy is a busy time for everyone on the farm. The seeds sown directly in the garden are coming up thick and needing to be thinned. The greenhouse is proving a success, with tomatoes, squash, beans, and herbs all doubling in size almost daily.


Lupine starts in the greenhouse



Tongues of Fire beans. These climbers just sprouted a few days ago!






Carrots in the garden



A grid of beets surrounded by radishes, planted in the garden.



Just one of several types of squash, this one grown from seeds saved from a garden past. We have no idea what it will produce.



Loofahs in the foreground, tomatoes getting started in the background, all in the greenhouse.



A second type of loofah.



Another type of squash.


The chickens seem to be doubling in size every few days, too! The seven little ones we purchased several weeks ago are looking less like pullets and more like grown ups. Last week we purchased four more pullets, a few weeks younger than the seven teenagers. And these are literally growing before our eyes!


The four itty-bitties are all gingers.



Roosting as a team.



Birds of a feather…the teenagers are a tight-knit group.



Feeling brave and stepping outside the coop for the first time.



They grow up so fast! These almost-adult pullets will be laying eggs soon.



The seven teenagers are all looking more adult than chick.

It is amazing to see all these changes happening before our eyes! Happy spring, y’all!

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