Watch our garden grow!

My, how our garden has been growing! Which, frankly, is why you haven’t heard much from us lately. We’ve been a tad bit busy. Sorry about that!

I decided to capture the amazing garden as it develops with a bit of a time-lapse by taking a photo of the garden from our upstairs window every day at 6pm. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen until 8pm. And sometimes I forget. And sometimes I’m out of town and it doesn’t happen at all. But, here’s a look at the big garden and the tomato garden over the last several weeks.

IMG_5495 IMG_5496

IMG_5500 IMG_5501

IMG_5505 IMG_5506

IMG_5512 IMG_5539

IMG_5538 IMG_5537

IMG_5536 IMG_5532

IMG_5531 IMG_5530

IMG_5529 IMG_5528

IMG_5527 IMG_5517

IMG_5516 IMG_5513

IMG_5552 IMG_5570

IMG_5569 IMG_5568

IMG_5567 IMG_5553

IMG_5583 IMG_5584

IMG_5590 IMG_5591

IMG_5595 IMG_5606

IMG_5605 IMG_5598

IMG_5597 IMG_5596

IMG_5611 IMG_5612

IMG_5629 IMG_5630

IMG_5633 IMG_5634Here at the end, the big garden is starting to look like a bit of a jungle! But there’s some great stuff happening in there: summer and acorn squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, and lots more! During this series of photos, we also harvested some really yummy stuff and have begun replanting beds (on the left side of the last couple of photos) for fall harvests. Here are some photos for you of our beets, radishes, and lettuces.

IMG_5609 IMG_5608


Which reminds me…are you following @CockamamyFarmer on Instagram? If so, you’ve been treated to lots of lovely photos of our garden’s treasures! If you aren’t following us yet, please do!

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