Second Floor Updates

Recently, the master suite has received its fair share of remodel and furniture updates, thanks our friend Holly and our favorite retailer, Costco.

IMG_5541Our friend Holly alerted me to a giveaway of laminate flooring that had been used for a few years in a variety of photo studio sets. I’m not afraid of a little wear-and-tear on flooring that was made to look distressed! So we adopted a palette of this barnwood-look click-to-connect laminate flooring planks. We knew that they would work beautifully in our second floor. They won’t be forever, but they give us some real flooring up there until we are ready to install the cottonwood planks (currently in progress downstairs).

IMG_5582Once we got all the planks into the house we realized that some where in better shape than others, and that I’d brought home way more than we needed. So, the bus/office  will have these floors, too!




IMG_5589The floors look great! Now we just need baseboards…add it to the list!

We also made the grown-up move of purchasing a new mattress and box springs. I know, crazy! We sleep on an antique bed frame that was my gift from Santa my sophomore year of high school. At the time, my grandmother gave me the mattress and box springs from one of her guest rooms. I slept on that bed through high school and college. And then it became my guest bed for many years. When we moved to the farm, Ben and I made it our bed (no room for the queen-size in our tiny house!). And, needless to say, it has long been time to invest in a new mattress set! It felt like such an adult thing to do…to buy a mattress. But when it’s time, it’s time.

IMG_5687I spied this one at Costco a few weeks ago for a smoking deal! Ben was kind enough to go with me to fetch it and bring it home.

IMG_5689The kinda weird part is that it is significantly taller than our old set. So now getting up onto the bed almost requires a hop from the humans in the house! And, we hope, the height will continue to deter the dogs from getting on the bed.

IMG_5688New mattress and box spring, new floor, feeling like progress on this renovation adventure!

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