We Wish You A Merry Christmas!


Is it really Christmastime already? How did that happen? I guess times flies when you are in the middle of renovating, remodeling, and making over…and still living in a bit of a construction zone. It seems like not too long ago Ben and I were wishing you a 2014 very merry from the coast of Georgia!

This year, we are merry making at home on the farm. And I had the very bright idea of posing the pups for a Christmas photo so that we would have a fun visual to help share our holiday greetings.


As with all things Cockamamy, it went a little…well, cockamamy. You might imagine with three dogs—a pair of seven-month-old pups and a rescue dog who has never been able to sit still or mind—a photo is a lofty goal. You would be right.


In fact, things got so cockamamy that I just kept shooting photo after photo as Ben tried his very best to get Fletcher and Okra (the better behaved of the three) to sit in their appointed places and look at the camera.


Milly…well, the back of Milly’s head makes an appearance in a few frames. She’s sort of a lost cause when it comes to posing for photos. She’s definitely not a Kardashian!


The whole 5-minute endeavor (and the string of photos documenting it) turned out to be so hilarious that I decided you should see ALL of them…with a holiday soundtrack. So, enjoy our Christmas video dear friends! And have a very, very Merry one, indeed!

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