Okra: Healing Like a Champ


Our little girl continues to wow us with her amazing recovery. At our re-check with Annie on Friday, three weeks post accident, Okra got the all clear! No need for further visits to Annie’s clinic, she is officially out of the woods. Great news!!


Okra is obviously feeling much better. For the past several days she has been leaving the crate where she was sequestering herself and is now joining Fletcher on the dog beds for naps and has returned to (I thought we were past this bad habit) waking me up before dawn by standing on her hind legs with her front legs on the edge of the bed and licking me in the face. Sounds cute. But trust me, at 4:30am, it’s not the least bit cute.


But she sure is! And her ginormous brother, too. As a pair, they are pretty undeniably adorable. And hairy.

Here’s a look at Okras rapidly shrinking wounds over the last week:



She will be completely healed soon and every single day she is closer to being back to her crazy puppy self—amazing news! And we are so thankful!

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