Going, going, garage 

I feel quite certain that y’all are getting tired of hearing about the garage. But to be completely honest, this gigantic project is still our main focus. And that means that the garage is the news of the hour…still (queue the Groundhog Day soundtrack). Sorry about that!

So just a few quick notes from me because, let’s face it, photos are worth 1,000+ of my words!

  1. Electrified!! Check out all those lights! The final electrical inspection has been completed and we have exterior and interior lights that illuminate the place!

Because you can’t really see the sconces in the photos above, the photos below show you the fixtures we used to flank each door.

2. Ben’s workbench. It has morphed from a series of folding tables…

…to a built-in, wrap-around workbench with a lower shelf for storage.


3. The mudroom. This space is definitely still a work-in-progress…we still plan to build a wall and install a barn-style sliding door to separate the room from the garage. But there has been some progress, including lighting (the same sconces as outside)…

…and the door between the laundry/pantry and the mudroom is now a reality! All the images in the grid below are standing in the mud room looking into the laundry. Where there once was a small window, there is now a full-size door!

4. Prime Parking. Finally!! My little ride is snug as a bug inside the garage. Mission accomplished!

Stay tuned for more on the mudroom design and completion in the (hopefully not too far) future. And, in the meantime, hopefully we can chat about something other than the Cockamamy garage!


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