Building A Better Mousetrap (a.k.a. screen door)

This week, while I was away at EPIC summer camp, Ben built a new screen door to replace our destroyed-by-hairy-mainac-beasts pile-of-rubbish screen door featured in the last blog post. Basically, he built a better mousetrap, if you will.


This time, he bought two screen doors, removed the flimsy screen from both and re-screened them with metal, “dog-proof” (we’ll see about that) screen, and screwed the two wooden door frames together, sandwiching the screens in the center.


After painting the door frames in Cockamamy’s signature back-door blue, he hung the door(s) on spring hinges (rather than attaching a spring that stretches from the door frame to the center support of the door).

So far, so good! I’m not overly confident yet, but the maniacs went tearing out the door in their usual 5am-and-I-know-there’s-some-mischief-going-on-out-there-and-I’m-gonna-stop-it fashion this morning and the door survived the brutality!

Let’s hope this one holds up for a while…at least until end of summer? Place your bets, folks!

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