The Floor Plan

Here’s a look at our plan for changing up the farm house floor plan. Note: Drawings not really to scale, but I tried.

Let’s start with the Before. Currently, the front half of the home is 2/3 living room, 1/3 small bedroom. The back half is 2/3 kitchen, 1/3 laundry. There is a very narrow (3′ 10″) bathroom between the bedroom and laundry (note how the shower extends into the bedroom closet). The square with question mark in the kitchen is the bulkhead we aren’t yet sure about. Just inside the back door, a flight of stairs ascends to the attic space which is currently two equally sized rooms.





Here’s our idea for the After. We will remove the wall that creates the bedroom, so that the living space will span the entire width of the house. We have a half-circle space in the living room for a wood stove. The kitchen will stay the same layout for now (but we have plans to open up the wall separating the kitchen and living room so that we have a peninsula and bar-height seating instead of a full wall and probably will move items around). The laundry room will shrink by two feet so that the bathroom can stretch to about five feet wide. The laundry will also be the pantry and we will have built-in shelving in the space. Upstairs (not illustrated), will become a master suite with a bedroom, large closet, and bathroom.


Please forgive the food stains on the after sketch. That's what happens when you daydream and draw during dinner.

Please forgive the food stains on the after sketch. That’s what happens when you daydream and draw during dinner.


We plan to add a garage to the front of the house, so the front door will open into the garage and will no longer be the guest entrance. A walkway from the driveway will lead visitors around to the back door where we will have a screened porch. Eventually.

Gotta start somewhere…but where? So much to do!

One thought on “The Floor Plan

  1. My parents and maternal grandfather did this type of project in the 1930s with a house built about 1860. When they started you could stand outside the house and see through the wall, through the interior and see through the other wall.

    Result when I was born in 1941 I had a good roof over my head.

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