Let There Be Light

I love this little house, but there is one thing missing (from my point of view): A giant window! All of the windows in the house were replaced fairly recently. They are vinyl-clad and nice enough. But tiny. All of the windows on the first floor are just a couple feet wide. I have been craving a great big picture window to look out toward our pond, preferably one I can open to let the breeze come in.


Ben and I used spray paint to imagine what our new window would look like on the wall. We measured and painted to be sure the scale would be right on the wall. We landed on something around five or six feet tall and wide.

Blue spray paint says, "Imagine a window here."

Blue spray paint says, “Imagine a window here.”


Let’s go shopping!! The Des Moines Habitat for Humanity ReStore has become my new stomping ground.


The window aisle is browsing heaven!

The window aisle is browsing heaven!


Hmmm…too small…too big…fixed panes…don’t like the grid…just right! And she’ a beauty at 5’x6′!


Here she is!

Here she is!


For just $255, this is a REALLY nice window! A good energy rating, double paned, casement style with screens. NICE!

And now that my work is done, the real works begins.

photo-5 copy

The drive from Des Moines to the farm is a long one when you have such delicate cargo in tow.


photo 1

But it all arrived safely and Ben began his favorite part: more demo! Here he is preparing the cut a huge hole in the side of the house. You would think it would be a more delicate process. But no. The sawzaw is the chosen weapon. Here goes nothin!




photo 2


photo 4

With Tyler’s help (and the truck bed as a ladder), the window was installed and now look at our living room, filled with gorgeous light and a lovely breeze! I am one happy lady!




5 thoughts on “Let There Be Light

  1. Lacey, can’t tell you how much we enjoy watching you guys create this soon-to-be-amazing home. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Don & I love the Habitat store. When we bought our rental properties we were there for a number of things and paint! I love watching the transformation of your B & L farmhouse!

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