A Bigger, Better Bath

A reminder of the bath we started with.

A reminder of the bath we started with—a room so narrow that any one more than 5’6″ would have his or her knees touching the wall when sitting on the toilet. 


We are officially on our way to a bigger, better first-floor bathroom! Thanks to Ben’s amazing wall-moving skills, the new wall was framed and the old wall demolished. Tyler single-handedly (really) pulled the old shower surround out of its cozy home and out into the yard.


You can see where the original wall was, where we painted on the new wall and the new wall framed up.

You can see where the original wall was (note edge of toilet seat) and the new wall frame.


Here’s a look into the bathroom from the kitchen. Now that the shower is out of the way and the kitchen paneling is out of the way, you can see into the bath. You can see the change in the floor and ceiling to see how much space we are adding to the bath.



Here’s another view, this one from the laundry room (now smaller because of the wall moving) through the new wall into the bath.



In the new bath, a tiled shower stall will span the six-foot width of the room in the same space where the old tub/shower was located (left side of room as seen, above). The door and toilet will stay in the same place. A new sink and vanity will be on to the new wall, centered between the exterior wall and the shower.


Here’s my not-so-professional sketch:



The new bath will be a mix of historic and modern elements. We will have hexagonal tile floors in white, this sink from Ikea with a barn wood vanity built by Ben, and the shower walls will be in this amazing faux bois tile (see below) we found at the Habitat for Humanity Restore (have I mentioned that I love that place?).


photo-5 copy

Note: The current window treatments will not be staying. Just in case you were wondering.


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