The Master Suite








The second floor of the farm house was two rooms…at the top of the stairs, a paneled, carpeted space was home to an old printer, a cheap desk, a coffee maker, and an old lamp. The adjoining room had no carpet and no paneling (the wood sub floors with a painted rug, just like downstairs, and white foam insulation panels on the walls), a closet, a broken grandfather clock, and a huge piece of laminate.

Yup. That’s our soon-to-be master suite!

First things first, DEMO! The dark paneling was on my personal get-out list.




I have to say, the extreme pleasure I got from ripping down the scary, falling-off-the-wall paneling was akin to having a fabulous glass of wine and a delectable chocolate dessert. Pure happiness.

With almost every piece we pulled off, one of these tags (I’m assuming they were at one time glued to the back of each panel) came floating down. I wish there was a year listed!



Next on the get-out list: carpet. Gross!




Then, the foam panels.

photo 5

The guys took out the closet and the wall between the two rooms to create one big space…with the hot water heater’s vent pipe in the middle. Eventually, the pipe will be joined by the wood stove’s chimney and the kitchen’s vent hood exhaust and the three amigos will live in a bulkhead.


photo 2

photo 3


photo 4

Here, you can see the footprint of the suite’s bathroom—it will encompass the bulkhead. Ben got started framing in the bath and Jeff our bath pro installed the toilet up here while he’s working on the downstairs bath. With no walls on the first floor, this bath actually provides a modicum of privacy.


photo 3

Above, check out my bath floor plan! Jeff, me, and a can of spray paint laid the plan out. Now, Ben is just framing on our lines.


photo 4


And finally, our bedroom-to-be.


photo 2

In my mind, its a big, sunny space. In reality, its a big, sunny space! Now, we just need drywall, floors, light fixtures, and a few other things…


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