A Note to Our Readers


photo 5


As many of you know, moving day is quickly approaching! Several of you have expressed concern about the current state of the house, “by the looks of the blog.” Never fear, dear friends! The blog posts are a few weeks behind reality. The house will by no means be finished, but it will certainly be livable—in at least one room—by moving day.

I realize you may be disappointed to hear I’m not giving you a real-time play-by-play. But stay tuned! There’s much more demo, drama, and fun to be seen—including moving day, which promises to be a barrel of monkeys. I have big plans for the story of our recent septic tank extravaganza, the arrival of the roofing steel (will the roofer actually show? I’m taking bets.), lighting fixture purchases, and uber-local flooring decision. There are so many stories to share with you!

I hope you continue to visit us to catch up on all our current cockamamy ideas, plans, and discoveries! Now, back to packing (Lacey) and drywalling/mudding/sanding/repeat (Ben).

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