Floors: Plan C


Several weeks ago, we thought we’d discovered the home’s original hardwood floors (see “Floor Plan” from May 8, 2014). To my disappointment, the floors we uncovered were, indeed, the ones that were lived on for many years, but they are sub-floor, soft wood, and not suitable for living.

But we have an excellent alternative! Ben asked around about the lumber mill we spied in “town.” [Note: “Town” is about a half-block of seemingly empty old brick buildings. The mill is in someone’s yard between the bar and the church—the two places where we ever see anyone gathering.] Ben found out that the mill is, indeed, a business and more than just that homeowner’s back yard hobby.


When Ben went to talk to the guy and see what he might have for our floors, he hit pay dirt! The guy had some gorgeous cottonwood boards, of varying widths. Not only is the cottonwood gorgeous and very light in color (in the center, above), but it has a backstory. Turns out, the trees were harvested from just across the road from our house. They were literally part of Donna’s (the former homeowner) view out the front window. The trees belonged to our next-door neighbor. And now, we are bringing them back—even though they only traveled about a mile down the road. Talk about shopping local!




Now, there are about 200 square-feet of the boards in a pile in our kitchen. Ben found an amazing deal on Craig’s List for a joiner and he is borrowing a planer. That man sure does get giddy about big, heavy, dangerous power tools! He is super excited about finishing these boards and laying them as our floor. If anyone has any helpful hints, please post them in the comments!



I can.not.wait to have this gorgeous wood—beautiful knots and all—as the anchor to our interiors! Stay tuned to see the floors in place. With any luck, they will be done in just a couple of weeks!

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