Put a Little Mud on It!


Now that I live at the farm full time, I pitch in and help the boys with the actual work of remodeling (rather than just pointing and giving direction and coming up with crazy ideas of work for them to do).

Day Two at the farm was my first experience with mudding dry wall. I mean, I’ve patched and spackled holes before, but I’ve never mixed a bucket of mud and proceeded to fill in gaps, coat seams, cover screws, etc, etc.

Ben first puts some water in a clean bucket, dumps in a half bag of mud, and hands me this huge drill with handlebars and a mixer attachment. No demonstration, explanation, or warnings. Just, “Here you go! And be sure to hold the bucket with your legs because it tends to want to spin around.” Here goes nothin!



Notice I am immediately on high alert because the guys all moved waaaaayyyy back from me when Ben put the mixer in my hand. I should have walked away right there. But no, I’m tough. I can be one of the guys! And here’s what I get for hanging in there when there’s far too little water in the mix…


…a couple of lovely strawberries on my calves. Sheesh.


But hey, its not fun until someone gets hurt, right? Now let’s get to work!

IMG_3571 IMG_3573 IMG_3574

Are we done yet? Ummm…not even close. So Mom, stop asking if the drywall is done yet. It’s not done. But you’ll be the first to know! Just a few more rounds of mudding and sanding, then the finish coat. Then the painting can begin!

Speaking of, Ben asked me, “So, where’s all our painting gear?” And I, very proudly replied, “Oh! I packed it all together so it will be super easy.” Then he asked, “So that box is here?” Nope.  “It’s in the storage….oh crap.” I guess we’re buying new painting supplies!



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