Happiness on Day Two



Happiness is a functioning kitchen sink! A clean sink that drains and a new faucet with amazing water pressure and both cold and hot water! Its the little things, folks.


Happiness is also the UPS truck arriving with our awesome, amazing, fantastic Big Berkey water filter!


IMG_3562 IMG_3563 IMG_3565 IMG_3566

It’s like Christmas around here! This handsome devil has four filters that allow us to drink the water without fear of pesticides and chemicals from the big ag and factory farms.


Happiness is also these two lovely ladies:

IMG_3592 IMG_3594

They are a couple of happy dogs, running around and smiling and acting a fool. Milly still refuses to come inside the house. She’s perfectly happy in the out-of-doors. We set up her crate and bed on the back porch so  she can cuddle up in a covered spot (Ben added a tarp shade structure so that the back porch can be space for the table saw as needed.) when she’s tired of patrolling the property and chasing off varmints.



This old girl turned twelve a few days ago. She’s still riding shot gun whenever possible, although these days she needs a boost to get into the vehicle. I think she’s gonna like the farm life!

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