Home Sweet Home, Day One


When I arrived at the farm on moving day, this was happening. Confused? Me, too. Turns out we were getting all insulated and cozy courtesy of a couple of great folks who were drilling these round holes inside (second floor in attic space) and out (first floor) to blow in insulation between every stud all the way around.

In a couple of places, the insulation was packing in so well, the drywall inside was bulging! Good think the interior walls are not finished yet! In a few places, Ben had to rework the drywall. That gave me an awesome view of what we were paying for: fluffy pink insulation filling the walls to keep us cool all summer and warm all winter.


Meanwhile, Jeff was super excited to report that the shower was practically finished! He just needed to know exactly where I wanted the shower head to be placed. In my oh-so-scientific way, I held it right where I thought it should be, he marked it, and in five minutes we had a working shower complete with hot water! Whoot! A happy surprise on day one!



Note: We have running water, but no lighting in the bath yet, hence the weird lighting in the photo above. A shop light does the job just fine.


The shower is a part of our “flat,” as Ben likes to call it. He bought a very brilliant invention: ZipWall. It is a set of four spring-loaded, telescoping poles that hold plastic tight to form a wall, or even a four-sided room, as a barrier to construction dust and debris. You install a zipper in the wall of plastic and that’s your doorway. Camping, indeed! The zipper sounds exactly like a tent zipper!



We installed the ZipWall at the beam, and made our flat in what will eventually be our dining room. The nice thing is that our flat has an attached shower (soon to be a full bath once the sink and toilet are installed) and this is where Ben’s “office” has been because it is where our modem is located. Here’s a tour:

IMG_3575 IMG_3576 IMG_3577 IMG_3578


On the other side of the wall, the house is still a complete and total construction zone. The goal is to keep as much dust outside of this space. Because Jeff is still working on the bathroom, there’s a good bit of traffic in and out and the ShopVac is my new best friend. I wonder how long it will be before I just give up the fight. The best thing ever is the mantainer! All of my clothes are there and I have set up a bit of a closet with my wardrobe boxes of hanging clothes and plastic tub and suitcase of folded clothes/workout stuff. The idea is to keep that stuff out of the house for now so that it stay clean and I can go to work without looking like I have really bad dandruff.



Jeff promises that tomorrow I’ll have running water at the kitchen sink. At the end of day one, this is what the kitchen looks like and the only water is the water hose and the shower. Thank you Lord for the shower! Excited for day two!

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