Moving Day


IT IS MOVING DAY!! Finally, we are closing on the sale of the house in town and moving to the farm for real! Well, Ben has lived there for real for a while now, coming home just once a week or so to do laundry, shower, and refill the cooler. But now, after weeks of packing, cleaning, planning, panicking, changing plans, and making list after list after list, the day and the movers have arrived!




The girls went to the vet first thing so that they wouldn’t be underfoot for the movers. They will stay for a few days while we make sure the farmhouse is a safe place for them to stay. At promptly 8AM, the truck backed into the driveway and four guys started carting out all the boxes and furniture.



By noon, 90% of our belongings were tucked snuggly into sister storage units, where they will live while the house is still under construction. I have to say, the movers were AMAZING—super fast, super nice, and seemed to love the challenge of the puzzle that was fitting all our stuff into these 7-foot by 12-foot spaces—and the final fee was less than the estimate. Nice job, guys!



Note: the washer and dryer (far left) and all our new light fixtures (in boxes far right) are up front so that we can access them ASAP.


The essential 10% (clothes, a few dishes, grill and slow cooker, fridge, bed, dog beds and crate, bath stuff) went to the farm (mostly into the mantainer) via Ben’s super hero dad, Don. Every time I think about all his help this week, I hear the Mighty Mouse theme in my head: Here he comes to save the day!! He really saved me from being a blubbering mess of frustrated tears during moving week. I don’t think I could ever say thank you enough to the amazing Don!!




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