The Mantainer


Yup. The Mantainer. That’s what we’re calling our new shipping container—soon-to-be man cave! This new addition to the farm, and our first official out building owes a huge thanks to my Momma who, after visiting the hot mess of construction zone that is the farm house, saw the need for some sort of storage facility/work space that is not the living room/kitchen/bedroom. Thank you, Mommasita!



The sixty-five-foot tractor trailer that delivered this baby arrived around 9AM one morning, just as it was starting to rain. Ben specified that he wanted it tucked into the trees at the back of the lawn, between the pond and the pile-o-barn. The driver said, “Great!” and drove out across the open space behind the house and dropped the container in the perfect spot, just as Ben wanted. All the while, the rain coming down.




You can guess what happened next. Ben apologizes for not having taken photos and video of the 90 minutes of spinning wheels and he and the driver trying to get the trailer out of the yard. Long story short: Neighbor Dan showed up with his tractor and saved the day!! Thank you, Lord, for amazing, generous, super hero neighbors!




And now, Ben is giddy about his container/workshop/backyard storage unit/man cave. And I am giddy about the power tools moving out of the kitchen. Its a real win/win!







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