The Bugs of Summer



Cockamamy is not a quiet place this summer. As I’m sure you’ve heard, this is the year of the cicada hatch—a once every 17 years event. And they have made a home at Cockamamy!



The large, harmless bugs are hatching everywhere, leaving their exoskeletons behind on the trees and grass. I heard a statistic that there are 1.5 million cicadas per acre. That gives us about 8 million of this guys!





Personally, I love the sound of the cicadas singing. To me, it sounds like summer. As a child, I was so intrigued by the cicada shells and would be thrilled every time I found one. I don’t think I’ll be collecting them this summer, but my intrigue for these once-in-a-blue-moon bugs continues.

Here’s the official summer soundtrack at a Cockamamy, and its still early. It will only get louder over the next month!


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