Mud, Sand, Repeat

photo 2


It feels a bit like Groundhog Day at Cockamamy. A day that includes burning eyes, a dry throat, unhappy sinuses, and lots and lots of white dust. Mud, sand, repeat.

photo 3

I’m not sure if I should be excited or afraid that every time (so far) Ben and I think we’re ready to put primer on the walls, we agree that there are just a few more places that need a tad bit more mud before we break out the rollers. In fact, the other night I went so far as to wipe down the walls and ceiling of our soon-to-be bedroom with a big, yellow, barely-wet sponge to get as much of the dust off before applying the first coat of primer, only to discover during my cleaning that there were some rough spots we’d missed earlier in the day. Sigh.

Mud, sand, repeat.

photo 5

Is it obvious that I’m a right-handed sander?


The terrible part is that I’m already whining about this and we’re only close to painting in one room so far! The rest of the house only has a couple of coats of mud and is still really, really rough. We’ve still got so much of this to do! By the time we’re done, we’ll both be pros! In the meantime, I should buy stock in eye drops and dust masks.

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