Progress Report


After all the sand, mud, repeat we could stand (and more), Ben finally declared the bedroom as ready for primer!



Over the last few nights, he’s done a couple of coats of primer, found a few more spots in need of a bit of mud or a touch of the sanding sponge. But the second floor space (soon to be our bedroom) is looking goo-od!



Today, the painting began in earnest! Ben got me a present at the hardware store yesterday. My very own paint mixer! It is a smaller version of the one that left huge strawberries on my legs when I attempted to mix drywall mud. But this one works much better since the paint is nice and soupy—the consistency of pudding, really.


Ben is a big fan of Diamond Vogel paint. I’m a big fan of Benjamin Moore colors. So we both got what we wanted—a five-gallon bucket of fabulous paint in the color Swiss Coffee OC45. Let the fun begin!









Can you see the difference between the color (right) and the primer (left)? I didn’t think so. But trust me, its fab!



Second coat will happen later today, and then Ben can get started laying the cottonwood flooring. Soon, we’ll actually be sleeping in our bedroom. Imagine that!

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