Siding, Take Three


The siding saga continues, now with three sides down, one to go!

Once the east and west sides (each one story) were done, Ben decided to tackle the north side of the house. This is the back side, and the one that was in the worst shape, see above. Ben moved the tarp shade structure to the front porch and took down the deck. And then, the demo fun began!


Turns out, I’m pretty tough with a pry bar!


The process is the same as before…strip off the old starting from the top, tack on the house wrap, trim out the windows, doors, and corners, install new siding starting from the bottom. The start of the lap siding was a little different because we first installed 2×8 treated boards where our deck will attach to the house.







At the top of the first story, the real fun began! Time to install the shakes! The math of it all—with the shakes’ various lengths and widths paired with the not-always-45-degrees angle of the roofline—slowed installation. But, the end result is gorgeous and I couldn’t be more thrilled with seeing my vision come to life!







Ben installs the very last piece. Our ladder is just barely tall enough...and its standing in the bed of the truck!

Ben installs the very last piece. Our ladder is just barely tall enough…and its standing in the bed of the truck!



Since we now have to remove the deck on the front of the house, we need a way (and really, 12 year-old Sadie needs a way) in and out of the house that doesn’t involve jumping or bringing your knee to your shoulder.

Here’s our temporary stair solution:







Now, its time to tackle the south street-facing side of the house.  Next time you see this angle, it’ll be gorgeous!



I'm ready!

I’m ready!

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