Like the Energizer Bunny…

…We are still going. The siding is so very close to being done! Over the weekend we installed the last piece of lap siding on the front of the house. Ben is about half-way done with the shake siding on the second story of the front facade. He added a new front door and another window to south-facing front of the house, adding a ton of light inside and making the window placement symmetrical—which makes my OCD very, very happy!


All of that said, he made me promise to not post in-progress photos this time. He wants y’all to be surprised with the finished product. So, no photos today. Sorry!




Except for the one above. The photo totally does not do it justice, but this is a look at a field near our house planted with yellow cone flower. What a site!! You can see it from miles away and it is such a visual treat after miles and miles of corn. Gorgeous!! I hope the look at this sunny square of terra firma makes your day!

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