Siding: Check!


Oh faithful readers, the day has finally come! I just can’t hold off any longer on sharing the finished siding job with you. I hope you are ready to see the front facade of our moving-on-up farm house, in her new fancy outfit!


Before we get there, let me say that I really wanted to show you the exterior with all the touch-up done and the doors painted in sassy new hues. But it’s another rainy day here at the farm, so there was no door painting done today. Instead, the bathroom has two coats of primer and some more drywall was installed in the laundry room and upstairs closet. We also painted a piece of quarter-inch plywood with magnetic primer and chalkboard paint and installed it on a small kitchen wall (that’s what Ben’s doing in the photo above) where it will be our hub for all lists and announcements. We are moving right along toward the electrical trim-out, which we scheduled for August 25th in order to give ourselves a hard deadline to have all the priming and painting done. Wish us luck!


Okay…are you ready for it? Just as a reminder, here’s the before of the front facade.


Drumroll, please.


Oh come on, you can do better than that!




Gorgeous, right? Amazing, awesome, fantastic if you ask me!! Ben is crafting a blog on his experience, but I don’t think I’m stealing his thunder by telling you that he added a new window, creating a pair on the left of the door to satisfy my need for symmetry. And, as a bonus, having double the glass brings gorgeous southern light into the future dining room. He also installed a front door (soon to be painted) with more glass than the old fan-light version, resulting in even more light spilling into the great-room space.

The white wires you see to the right of the door will be the exterior light fixture at the top of the door and a plug down low. That will all happen when the electricians are back next week to install all the switches, plugs, and fixtures. There’s much to be done before they get here, so we will get back to work. Have a great weekend, y’all!

5 thoughts on “Siding: Check!

  1. Ahaha! I find myself scrolling back and forth to see the “before,” then “after,” then—wait a minute! Was that only ONE window before?, then “after”… such nice work.

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