Barnwood Bonanza



Someone I know and love is way more excited about crafting walls from the new-to-us pile of barnwood than he is sculpting walls with drywall and mud! And I’m so glad that he’s so inspired!!


Two of the three planned barnwood walls—one stairwell wall and two upstairs in our master suite—are in their final stages. Window and door trim as well as a few beams and baseboards coming soon! I think Patrick will be impressed with Ben’s work, don’t you?


Now back to  finishing the last of the drywall. On that note: the bathroom is primed, painted, and ready for a big mirror to be hung! We will be ready for the electricians one week from today!

5 thoughts on “Barnwood Bonanza

  1. I love barnwood! Very cool idea to have a few walls of barnwood!!! Can’t get enough of the HGTV episodes of fixing up those old homes and your blog on Cockamamy. Keep them coming Lacey–I am going to have withdrawal when you are finished with the farmhouse 🙂

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