A new project has arrived!


Watch out, there’s a new to-do list on the farm! Ben’s latest project arrived on site today, courtesy of our friend Clyde who owns the hardware store in a tiny town about 10 miles from Cockamamy.







Today, Clyde arrived with a truckload of deck-building material.



And proceeded to off-load it into our front yard—in the same spot recently vacated by the new siding.



I guess Ben’s ‘rest’ of the last few weeks—finishing mud on walls, painting, and working on barnwood trim (note the trim on the chalkboard at top)—has come to an end. A new construction project—and the tool bags—awaits!


For my latest, I ordered official Cockamamy stationary from americanstationery.com—my go-to source for customized notecards and envelopes. Even if we don’t have furniture or a working kitchen, we can at least write thank-yous like civilized folks!




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