Edison Improved



Have y’all discovered the new light bulbs from Philips? I’m enamored! These new-fangled LED bulbs promise to last 20+ years, have great light temperature/color (a very important factor to some of us), and are just a really cool shape. And, they look amazing in my new fixtures! Not to mention being really energy efficient.

I found them several months ago, but at $10 a pop (even with a 20-year life), it was tough to buy more than a few at a time. But a couple of weeks ago, The Home Depot had the bulbs on sale for $5.97 each. So I stocked up! And now I don’t have to buy light bulbs for the foreseeable future. And no more curly CFL awkwardness, no more sputtering and dim light when warming up, no more blue light. What can I say? I’m a fan of the Philips flat bulb!

Here’s a blog to tell you more about this fabulous new-to-market product. Go get some for yourself!

One thought on “Edison Improved

  1. I use LED’s to light the outbuilding that houses the coops in the winter. Choose a high lumen warm white bulb and it’s very nice for the chickens or other farm animals, plus much much safer! No real impact on the electric bill if you find an LED with the same high lumen (800 or so) but at lower watts – < 8, is great!

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