Savoring the Garden’s Bounty

The summer’s garden is starting to look pretty scraggly…but I love this season! The tomatoes are ripe on the vine, the squash is playing hide-and-seek among giant green leaves and the basil is on the brink of bolting. That means its pesto time!!

This year we grew several different varieties of basil, mostly Dark Purple Opal, along with Genovese (which is what we all mostly eat).


Here’s the pesto in progress:

IMG_5833Take the leaves off the stems, wash and spin them dry. Have I ever told you how much I LOVE my Oxo salad spinner? I think I’ve had it for at least 12 years. I use it at least once a day (if you know me well, you know fresh greens are a staple of my diet). My spinner is an older version of the one linked below.

IMG_5834Basil+garlic+parmesean+pinenuts+a touch of olive oil=pure deliciousness!

IMG_5835Process…Any one else wondering where all the purple went?

IMG_5836I like to store my pesto in half-cup containers for freezing.

We didn’t freeze it all right away and enjoyed a serving of fresh pesto to coat on steaks. Ohhhhheeeemmmmmmgggggeeeee so very very good!!

Are you making pesto? Or savoring your garden’s goodness in other ways?

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