Fresh Laundry



This time last year, I thought if I ever had to haul six loads of dirty farm laundry to the laundromat ever again, I’d scream! At the time, our washer and dryer were not yet in the house and I went once a week to the laundromat to wash, dry some things, and then bring a lot of things home to dry on the clothes line.

Not long after we installed the washer and dryer in the laundry room, we had to take out the old clothes line (who knows how long it had stood, spanning that particular piece of the back yard for no less than decades) to make room for work and the garden to happen. And as soon as warm weather descended this year, I started missing my fresh-air dried laundry (but definitely not the laundromat).

So, in Ben’s very generous way, he built me a new one.


He dug the holes.



He made the posts to support the lines.


He placed the posts in the holes.


Tiny Okra helped make sure he was doing it right. She looks so little in this photo that was taken just a few weeks ago!




Okra says yes.


Concrete to keep the posts in place.


Four eye hooks hold the lines.


This adorable clothes pin holder made by my very talented sister was my first addition to the line.


And now, my laundry can be fresh-air fabulous again!





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