Preserving Summer

Sum-sum-summatime and the garden is bountiful! I can’t stand to see all the yummy goodness go to waste. While I’m shoving garden tomatoes into my mouth at ever opportunity, there’s no way I can eat them all. So I’m also doing my best to capture summer’s goodness in a jar. This week I made tomato sauce. And there’s not doubt in my mind that I will be repeating this for the next several weeks!


IMG_4958Beautiful Hungarian Hearts (notice their distinct heart shapes) and Clanton Creek Mistress (darker red to purple) tomatoes. Sorry for the dark photo…

IMG_4959Washed, cut into pieces and in the pot with a little olive oil and garlic.

IMG_4960Cue the basil! This is the Dark Purple Opal variety we still have TONS of! [Note: If you would like some fresh basil, just say the word!]

IMG_4961After the tomatoes cooked down on the stovetop, I transferred the sauce to the blender for a spin.

IMG_4963After the blender, the sauce is nice and smooth and smells amazing!

IMG_4980This is my first try at canning in a pressure cooker, a recent gift from my grandmother. Ben has wanted one of these contraptions for years and was thrilled when the UPS guy brought it to our doorstep!

IMG_4981The only drawback is we have to use these smaller pint jars, only four at a time, in the pressure cooker. The quart jars are too tall and the lid of the pressure cooker won’t go on!

IMG_4982But it worked! And much less mess, less water, less labor intensive than hot water bath canning! I need more pint jars.

One thought on “Preserving Summer

  1. Looks good! You can also just can the tomatoes for use in sauces and soups later – even faster, because no cooking down or blending. Just chop and put in jars and pop into the pressure cooker!

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