Puppy Update

An update, you ask? Well, the short version is this: These two are growing like weeds!! See photographic evidence below.


We adopted Okra (left) and Fletcher on July 19. They were 10 weeks old on July 21. And sweet little balls of fur and love.


Last week I insisted that we try to recreate our adoption-day photo. It was 8 weeks to the day from our first family photo and I really wanted to show how much they had grown while we could still pick them up. It didn’t go well. Holding a squirming pup whose body stretches to your knees while trying to take a selfie isn’t ideal.


IMG_5692Over the last 9 weeks, they have grown and learned a lot!

IMG_5743They have learned to sit, to ask to be let out and let in, and (most of the time) to not chase the chickens.

IMG_5740They were small enough to use the boot brush as a pillow!

IMG_5730 IMG_5731It didn’t take long for them to discover the pond. By the way, pond+puppies=really stinky puppies.

IMG_5854 They like to sleep a lot (less than they did 9 weeks ago, but naps are still in the top 3 activities).  IMG_5874

And they give the best puppy kisses.


They play and wrestle and Fletcher wants his belly rubbed at every opportunity.

IMG_5904 IMG_5906

Okra’s favorite napping position is with her head hanging off whatever her body is sleeping on. Here, her body is on the dog bed and her head is on the floor with her nose in the dog crate.

IMG_5911 IMG_5914

At first, Milly refused to play with the pups. But now, they are the Three Amigos.

Below is a good look at their growth. The top photo is when they were probably 11 or 12 weeks old. The second photo is at 19 weeks.



More updates are sure to come as they continue to change by the minute! I swear Fletcher’s legs are longer today than they were yesterday. They grow faster than the squash in the garden! Sending you puppy breath and sweet kisses from Okra and Fletcher!

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