Family Heirlooms 

Ben’s parents are moving. After living for 35 years in the same house, that’s a tall order. And the idea of sifting through three decades of life (including raising two boys) must be incredibly intimidating and overwhelming. For months, they embarked on a ritual of clean out/down size/pack up before putting their house on the market.

The best part (for us, anyway) of that process is that, Beverly, Ben’s mom, entrusted us with the custody of several hand-crafted heirlooms created by both her maternal and paternal grandmothers. I’m a bit nervous about how amazingly well-kept and in good shape the quilts are. How could they be more than 50 years old? And how will I ever be successful in keeping them so beautifully clean, protected, and amazingly gorgeous? Note: I will not store them away out of sight. Part of the honor of being the custodians of such amazing pieces of art is using, displaying, and loving them! So wish me luck…and send along the borax (or other all-natural stain remover) because I’m certainly gonna need it!

Here’s a look at these amazing artworks, my friends! Enjoy the design eye candy!

The quilts and tablecloths below were made by Beverly’s mom’s mom—Christena Faatz Weidner, born in Neely, NE, 1890.




The adorable tea towels, below, were made by Beverly’s dad’s mom—Ethel Goddard Crabb, born in Boone, IA, 1888.


I also am now the proud owner of the cutest apron ever! It was a favorite of Beverly’s mom, Edith Weidner Crabb, born on the farm South of Colome, SD, 1915. Beverly says, “It was  probably made for her by my Grandma Crabb.”


A big big thank you to Beverly for honoring us with these amazing gifts! We are thrilled with bringing your family heirlooms into our home!


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