Wait…where did spring go?

Holy cow!! April…what happ…May?? This spring has been a crazy whirlwind of insanity!

No, things have not calmed down. But I can no longer handle the self-imposed guilt of not having published a blog in two months. The shame!!

So, here I am. Coming to you with a scattered, imperfect update on all the irons currently in the fire, items on the get-it-done list, and stuff happening at Cockamamy Farm. Here goes:

1. Greenhouse Gardening

Waaaayyy back in March Ben started a ton of seeds in the greenhouses. Sadly, because of salad-hungry chickens, a few crazy cold snaps, and a few other unknown factors, we now have very little to show for it! Sigh…so frustrating! Is it bad dirt? Bad seeds? Too much water? Not enough? Too hot? Too cold? Who knows…it’s nature folks. We do our best and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. After weeks and weeks of nursing tiny sprouts along, trying to coax them into planthood, we are calling it a loss and starting again. Yes it’s late in the season but I’m looking at it as a prolonged tomato season!

2. Crazy Chickens

They are just fun eye candy.

3. Garden Fence

Ben has been working on the garden fence. These two doors are the gates. I love them!! Such fun to look out and see them standing in place!

3. Bus/office progress

We finally have made a little progress on the bus!! After I spent a whole day cleaning the interior (literally wiping dirt, grime, and mold from every inch), we installed flooring and made a run to the storage unit to grab my fab green desk, filing cabinets, etc. If it will ever stop raining we can go pick up more of my office furnishings. Installation photos to come!

4. Back deck roof

While I was out of town this week Ben started working on building the roof over the back deck. Eventually it will be a screened-in room. But one thing at a time! First, a roof. And I will be thankful for a shady place to relax…wait. We don’t do that. It will probably be a shady place to fold laundry and yell at the chickens to get out of the garden.

5. Big project coming soon!

You are going to want to stay tuned for this one!! This crater beside the house will soon be an amazing improvement that you wouldn’t believe even if I told you!! So I won’t.

But don’t worry. I will be documenting any and all progress and posting regular updates. Be sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram @cockamamyfarmer for all the latest! Happy Summer, y’all!

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